5 Common Golf Swing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Golf is an excellent sport to pass time and increase several skills. Concentration, observation, and meticulousness- all of them get sharper with golf training. However, as we all know, golf is popular as the game of misses. Missing a shot after planning and hoping to nail the accuracy can be a big disappointment. Blaming the several things in the surrounding, like the ground, the pitch and even the bird on the tree is not going to help. If you really want to help yourself ace each and every shot, start looking for faults in your perfection. Here are some common golf swing mistakes most golfers make and the right fixes for them. For deep knowledge to improve you golf skill you can also check golf guides zone where you can learn new golfing tips.

Getting the Slice Right

A very persistent fault of every amateur golfer is hitting a haywire slice. Poor improve golf swingclub path while impact strikes or gripping too hard can lead to a duck hook. A duck hook is every golfer’s nightmare. This is a result of faulty topspin and low trajectory. The first step is to correct your grip on the club. Grip the club with your right hand, which you should keep hanging freely. The exact way to swing your arms is down and in. The momentum of the club face should be in coordination with the position of your arms.

Posture Problems

Golf is not only about swinging your club. If you really want to do it right, erect your posture first. Do not hover and apply all your weight to the club. This will lead to a backswing. Instead of going for the downswing with your lower body, rely on your back foot. The pressure must be applied thereto avoid hanging back and flipping. Also, instead of bending your left elbow, you should keep it erect and extended tightly.

Wrong Position of the Ball

Once you have got your weight and posture in track, check the position of the ball. Do not forget to place the ball close to your feet. Placing it too far away can cause a plate-spinning. The right order the entire shot depends on is weight in front, ball position and then the brush grass.

The mistake in Distance Assumption

If you are assuming the distance, that is where you are going horribly wrong. Chipping strokes should be calculated according to the ball’s position. What you need to do is, make sure the ball and the club face are on the same projectile. Avoid getting too close to the ball, give your club space. Stay in contact with the ground all the time. This means that you should get your feet on the ground at all times.

Chest-Ball Coordination

Imagine your chest in a straight line with the ball. This can get your club swinging in the right direction. This move helps you make your feet stay in place. Also, a good trajectory assumption flings the ball in the correct range.
Golf swing mistakes are quite common and unnerving too, but the fixes are simple. Focus on the above points and stay aware of all your perceptive senses. Practice learning to keep all your moves simultaneously in perfection. In no time, you would be able to resolve all your issues and ace the game.

Basic Boxing Equipment for Beginners – A Complete Guide

Whether it is for fitness, or you are fond of the sport, boxing equipment is relatively inexpensive. Although people might tell you that you need the latest gadget, do not trust them! All you need to begin boxing is a lot of energy and some basic equipment plus determination.

Conditioning is very important for boxing, and your body becomes your equipment for that. Otherwise, you need some equipment as noted below:

  •  Shoes:- To begin boxing, you do not need a pair of boxing shoes. However, you need a pair of athletic shoes to protect your feet. It is important to wear perfectly fitted shoes in the ring to go with the flow of the game.
  • Boxing Gloves:- This is one of the essential equipment for boxing. Boxing gloves are different from bag gloves. While bag gloves are used for boxing the bags, top boxing gloves are used for the real game. So, get a pair of training gloves ranging from 10oz to 16oz depending on your weight.
  • Hand Wraps: -Boxing hand wraps are equally important for the safety of your hands, especially wrists. They protect your wrists from spraining and breaking. There are different types of hand wraps available today. You can choose the ones that need not be wrapped; you can simply slip them on.

  • Mouth Guard:- The mouth guards are also essential equipment you need to start boxing. You may not be sparring, but you should have a mouth guard even during the drills, and more so when you are drilling with a beginner.
  • Sparring Head Gear:- Headgear becomes essential when you perform live sparring. Get a decent headgear at the best price from the market. Always buy a quality headgear as this equipment would take a lot of abuse. Instead of the cheapest vinyl, go for a good quality material or a higher quality of vinyl. You can find plenty of styles in headgear ranging from minimal head coverage to full coverage.
  • Bag Gloves:- Bag gloves, or training gloves, are different from the competition or sparring boxing gloves. Bag gloves have just the required amount of padding to protect the hands while you knock the heavy bag. Choose a sturdy and durable one so that it lasts longer and gives you optimum protection.
  • Heavy Bag:- A heavy bag for boxing should not weigh more than 70 pounds. These bags are filled with either hard or soft material, and they are made of leather, canvas, or durable vinyl. They also come with a swivel mount, which is used for attaching the bag to the stand or ceiling. As such, there is no difference between the hard and soft bag apart from an extra foam layer for added softness.
  • Groin and Chest Protectors:- While these are not mandatory boxing equipment, there is no harm in having them. If the fights end up in a tooth and nail battle, you might need these protectors. So, having a set of both is always advised.

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Interesting Facts About Basketball

The widely celebrated sport, basketball is more than a century old. However, professional basketball is just 6 decades old. It took 50 years of churning for the sport to become popular with the youth.

Here are 9 important and interesting facts about basketball that you should know today.

  • Peach Basket Design :- Unlike the modern-day basketball hoops that allow the ball to pass through them, the conventional basketball hoops were made from peach baskets. These baskets were sealed shut at the bottom. Therefore, after each score, a referee had to pause the game and climb up a ladder to fetch the ball back from the basket to continue the play.playing basketball
  • Wired Backboards :- Most modern-day basketball boards are made from transparent glass materials. However, in the initial years of basketball, these boards were made from wires. These wired backboards provided the necessary visibility for the audience as well the referees but made it practically impossible for the ball the bounce back from the board into the hoop. This made scoring relatively very difficult.
  • Modern-Day Hoops Are Weatherproof:- Unlike the conventional basketball hoops, the modern-day best portable basketball hoop are made from weatherproof materials. This makes the hoops usable both for outdoor and indoor play effectively. These weatherproof materials also allow the enthusiasts to play basketball as a poolside sport without damaging the system with possible risk of rust and corrosion.
  • Made from Acrylic and Polyethene:-The modern-day basketball systems are made from acrylic and polyethene, which handle the impact and load effectively. They are usually shatterproof, making the play very safe for kids.
  • Played with Soccer Balls:- Basketball was played with soccer balls for the first time. In the first-ever basketball game, the players had no concept of a different ball for the sport since they just needed a ball to play. Also, there were no strict regulations for dribbling the ball while moving.basketball jump
  • The Ball Wasn’t Orange Back Then:– The ball used to play basketball was not orange as it is today. Instead, the first norms that fixed the basketball colour to orange were established in the early 1950s.
  • The Exact Dimensions :- The steel rim on the basketball hoop measures exactly 18 inches in diameter. The backboard dimensions behind the basketball hoop measure 3.5 feet by 6 feet. The rim of the basketball hoop is located exactly 10 feet from the ground level.
  • Tall Scorers and Short Guards:- We know that usually tall players are suited to play basketball. The average height of basketball players around the world is 6 feet and 3 inches. The tallest players usually go close to 7 feet in height. The guards for the hoop are usually the shortest players in the court with an average height of 6 feet.
  • Tallest and Shortest Professional Basketball Player :- Tallest Player Ever – Gheorghe Muresan (7 feet, 7 inches) Shortest Player Ever – Muggsy Bogues (5 feet, 3 inches)basketball team

We are sure that you found these basketball facts intriguing and insightful. We hope that this glorious sport remains popular for centuries to come.